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The ‘God’ particle

January 22, 2011 3 comments

The ‘Cloud’ like most other new-age concepts is a much abused term. What really is the Cloud? After having read several verbose and belabored definitions, a strange analogy permeated my consciousness, as if by divine inspiration.

The Cloud and God have a lot in common. In fact they have identical characteristics. And since mankind has invested a great part of its existence in defining and understanding God, most of you should be able to identify with this analogy !

If you can see or touch or manipulate Him, then you’ve got the wrong person …

If you can see or touch or ‘tweak’ software that claims to be ‘Cloud’, then its fake ! True Cloud Computing is about abstracting the all the innards, so that the only evidence of its existence even is the experience, without having a clue about where it is, what it’s made of or even who else can experience it. And the overall experience is broadly the same for everyone – if it can’t fly kites for you, then it can’t fly kites for me !

To Him who asks show me one place where there is God, I say show me one place where He isn’t …

If the experience is limited to when you’re within the confines of your corporate network or any particular infrastructure, then again what you’ve got there is the fake Cloud ! Real cloud computing is about the same experience everywhere, delivered seamlessly. Omnipresence is everything !

“No weapon can cleave Him; nor the fire burn Him, no waters can make Him wet, nor the wind dry Him up”

The ‘real’ cloud is indestructible, in that it has sufficient disaster recovery built into it so that it can survive most reasonable disasters. And mirror locations are certainly within not 100 metres of each other !

You can’t bribe Him, but if enough of you pray for the greater common good, then He will grant your wish !

We’ve already established that if you can manipulate or tweak it, then you haven’t got the real deal.  However, the Cloud does listen to its worshippers. And if enough people pray (read vote on IdeaExchange !) for something that is in the best interests of all and sundry, then be rest assured that it will be part of the next maintenance release, which by the way rolls out seamlessly ! Never underestimate the power of prayer !

And the list of metaphors can continue until eternity. In summary, the real cloud is about delivering a uniform experience seamlessly, no matter where you are, who you are or what you do. Everything else is just marketing noise.

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If Winter comes, can Spring 11 be far behind ….?

January 22, 2011 1 comment

Spring 11 is one power packed release from the good folks at

Those of you who didn’t manage to catch the Salesforce Spring 11 Webinar – the recorded sessions are available here.

If I were to cherry pick a few of my favourite new features, then the list would read :

  • Field-Sets : Arguably the one that gets the most applause. Not to mention, it will take admin-developer relations to an all time high !  Fields sets are a new collection type that can be defined on objects. Admins can define / change these. Developers can then use them as a sort of enumeration to iterate over in their VisualForce pages, without actually referring to the individual fields. So configuration can control what gets displayed on a custom VF page. Does make you wonder why that didn’t come sooner. Soon you’ll wonder how you ever did without it !
  • Inline VF Editing : Simple VF tag makes VF display elements inline edit-able.  Need I say more ?
  • Governor Limits : Less is More ! Considerably increased, however there are no longer disparate execution contexts (test, triggers, etc) – uniform limits. Like someone tweeted – If you can’t get it to work with these limits, you’ve not done it quite right !
  • Rest API is now GA.

And then there are other features liked the Visual Flow Editor coming of age, albeit not fully in the cloud. The designer must be downloaded and installed on your desktop. You can also now write triggers for Chatter Feeds and Comments. (You can also ‘like’ Chatter posts – a la’ Facebook !)

Oops, nearly missed this one – Chrome is now officially supported !! So much so that Dave and Sandeep actually did the demo on Chrome !

So sign up for your pre-release Spring 11 Org and try those bad boys out.

Until this power packed release hits our sandboxes, May the be with You !

Hello world!

This is how it starts in the world of computer programs. Hello World. So well Hellp World !

Sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds as I take you on a journey through my trials and tribulations as I challenge the boundaries of technology to meet the needs of people at work.

A cloud-side view of things !

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