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If Winter comes, can Spring 11 be far behind ….?

Spring 11 is one power packed release from the good folks at Salesforce.com.

Those of you who didn’t manage to catch the Salesforce Spring 11 Webinar – the recorded sessions are available here.

If I were to cherry pick a few of my favourite new features, then the list would read :

  • Field-Sets : Arguably the one that gets the most applause. Not to mention, it will take admin-developer relations to an all time high !  Fields sets are a new collection type that can be defined on objects. Admins can define / change these. Developers can then use them as a sort of enumeration to iterate over in their VisualForce pages, without actually referring to the individual fields. So configuration can control what gets displayed on a custom VF page. Does make you wonder why that didn’t come sooner. Soon you’ll wonder how you ever did without it !
  • Inline VF Editing : Simple VF tag makes VF display elements inline edit-able.  Need I say more ?
  • Governor Limits : Less is More ! Considerably increased, however there are no longer disparate execution contexts (test, triggers, etc) – uniform limits. Like someone tweeted – If you can’t get it to work with these limits, you’ve not done it quite right !
  • Rest API is now GA.

And then there are other features liked the Visual Flow Editor coming of age, albeit not fully in the cloud. The designer must be downloaded and installed on your desktop. You can also now write triggers for Chatter Feeds and Comments. (You can also ‘like’ Chatter posts – a la’ Facebook !)

Oops, nearly missed this one – Chrome is now officially supported !! So much so that Dave and Sandeep actually did the demo on Chrome !

So sign up for your pre-release Spring 11 Org and try those bad boys out.

Until this power packed release hits our sandboxes, May the Force.com be with You !


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